Innovation and Change Management

The basic principle of Stoicism that life consists of a continuous stream of changes certainly holds true for technology firms and IT organizations in businesses. Change is a reality in which technology constantly evolves, and revolutions take place in technology or in its application on a regular basis. These changes are unstoppable and there are few people who can influence them at all. What can be influenced, however, is how we deal with these changes and how we use technology to improve the organization.

Aurelius Technology Consulting applies original and proven methods for innovation and change management. Aurelius Technology Consulting helps clients embed innovation into their organization to make full use of new ideas and new technical possibilities, so reducing costs and changing working habits. This in turn gives the client the edge it needs to better help its own customers. Change management is in fact an on-going process that reduces the need to carry out complex and costly reorganizations.


Interim and Project Management

Aurelius Technology Consulting offers interim and project management services to introduce clients to the principles of sustainable management and to implement its recommendations within the client's organization.

Interim management is specifically offered to facilitate the organization's transition to sustainable technology management. This can mean extending or reducing certain technology activities, or initiating and implementing a continuous improvement cycle within the organization. Aurelius Technology uses tried and tested methods to support these activities; these have been borrowed from the world of sport and are aimed at identifying and utilizing the intrinsic qualities of each individual in a way that makes the optimum contribution to the change process and to the success of the organization.

Aurelius Technology Consulting helps clients to manage complex projects. Such projects often involve the simultaneous implementation of technical, procedural and organizational changes. ATC's experience with project management is based primarily on large data centre consolidations and system development projects. The concepts adopted in project management are neither new nor revolutionary, but Aurelius Technology Consulting does put a different slant on certain aspects of the work compared with traditional project management methods.

Besides interim and project management services, Aurelius Technology Consulting also offers assessments and recommendations to help clients improve their organizations or projects themselves.


Performance Management and Process Improvement

Good decisions cannot be made without the right information. Starting from this philosophy, performance management solutions draw on three aspects. First of all, the most appropriate performance indicators need to be defined, based on the objectives of the organization and the proposed changes. Next, all relevant information regarding these performance indicators must be collated. Performance indicators can be defined into three categories for this purpose: organization, process and system indicators. Finally, potential improvements need to be identified and an implementation plan drawn up. Aurelius Technology Consulting carries out performance optimizations in processes and in complex information systems alike. Industry best practices and established benchmark performance metrics are used as the primary reference framework. But comparison with other organizations or systems provides little insight into the own organization and provides no clues as to where and how improvements would be most effective. Aurelius Technology Consulting therefore considers performance optimization to be more a question of removing bottlenecks than simply comparing one organization with others.

Sourcing Management

Each organization has a multitude of relationships with suppliers of products and services. In a technological environment, many suppliers of products and services are of strategic or tactical importance. The cost of switching partners is often considerable, due to technical incompatibilities, loss of knowledge and the problems inherent to migrating from an obsolete technology. Quite often, several different suppliers are asked to provide products and services jointly, as a coherent whole. This can be effected in a project, or by the outsourcing of complete IT services. Managing the cooperation of different companies, often in competition with one another, adds an extra layer of complexity. This is a discipline which is still in its infancy, and one which many organizations are still learning. Aurelius Technology Consulting focuses especially on the double-edged cost aspect of a sourcing relationship. The total costs of a sourcing relationship therefore consist of the direct costs of the product or service plus the transaction costs of the relationship. Aurelius Technology Consulting has coupled its experience in sourcing projects and its knowledge and experience in the domain of transaction costs with its vision of sustainable management. Sustainable management is of vital importance, especially in long-lasting outsourcing relationships, if contracts are to be concluded that are mutually beneficial both now and in three to five years’ time.