About Aurelius Technology Consulting

Aurelius Technology Consulting was founded by Paul Hertroys; after over twenty years of experience as manager, consultant, project manager and coach, he felt he wanted to provide his services to his clients on the basis of his own personal vision. After having worked for US based firms for over sixteen years, he felt that his work as a consultant should go back to its origins: providing services focused on the clients and the clients’ long term interests by helping them achieve their strategic goals in a sustainable way. Through his extensive experience as a technology consultant, Paul has become convinced that growth strategies primarily driven by financial considerations, quarterly based sales methods and standardized ‘strategic’ advice do little to contribute to a lasting result for the client’s organization.


What’s in a name?

Aurelius Technology Consulting focuses on sustainable technology management, based on the experience of Paul Hertroys. The name of the company is taken from Marcus Aurelius, the last of the great emperors of the Roman Empire and Stoic philosopher. Stoicism provides some fundamental principles for sustainable and responsible management and, as emperor of a vast empire, Marcus Aurelius understood the areas of tension between these principles and their practical use better than anyone. Marcus Aurelius tried, as much as possible, to put his philosophical convictions into daily practice and to lead his empire harmoniously in accordance with his ideals of justice and humanity. His philosophy advocates vigour, independence and self-confidence. These fundamental principles provided him with both spiritual fulfilment and the ability to fulfil his duties in the secular world.